The Promise of the Future

I have often said that the promise of the future lies within today’s young people. One of the main reasons for education is to provide a path for students to discover passions, inner strengths, and ways to use their gifts to make a difference in society. I believe that with the right prompts and environment, all students can promote positive change.
It is clear that students need opportunities to deepen their understanding of the world around them. It is paramount that the school experience illuminate patterns of behavior, both past and present, that students can recognize as impediments or opportunities. When students recognize injustices, or disparities, they are quick to move into solution mode. As students begin to collectively put forward ideas for the betterment of the community, they can realize the power of a unified voice. Students have a unique opportunity to see one another as a possible solution-partner or co-dreamer in the quest for a better tomorrow. I believe that our school was founded on the belief in the promise that comes with helping young people reach their potential.
The faculty and I take very seriously the trust families have placed in our work with students. We welcome parents as thought-partners as we continue to pave and make visible a path for students to actualize their hopes and dreams, while conquering their fears. Please know that as a community, we all benefit from the energy and excitement that surfaces when students can see themselves shaping their own experiences.
I look forward to engaging families, students, and faculty in this meaningful journey towards tomorrow.

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