Perspiration, Aspiration, Hibernation, and Imagination

Last week I started a conversation about the Aspirations Framework as an entry point into deepening support of students. The framework includes a profile consisting of four elements: perspiration, aspiration, hibernation, and imagination.
  • Perspiration: Working hard in the present without any connection to a future dream.
  • Aspiration: Having a dream for the future and being inspired in the present to work toward that dream.
  • Hibernation: Having neither a future dream nor the inspiration to make any effort in the present.
  • Imagination: Dreaming about the future, but being uninspired to work in the present toward that dream.
As I mentioned last week, our goal is to create and sustain an environment where everyone espouses an Aspiration Profile. We will engage students and faculty in conversations covering the eight conditions for building an Aspirations Framework: Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun and Excitement, Curiosity/Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership/Responsibility, and Confidence to Take Action.
I will devote upcoming bulletin letters to updating the community about our progress with implementing these conditions, and in doing so, will invite comments and questions along the way. I have a great deal of optimism in our faculty and students’ ability to create and sustain an energetic learning environment that encompasses hopes and dreams, as well as opportunities in the present to attain those hopes and dreams.
As we head into finals and the subsequent Thanksgiving break, I want you all to keep in mind your aspirations for the winter term.
I look forward to future conversations.

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