Mighty Times: A Children’s March

As we head into the upcoming long weekend, I want to highlight that Monday is the acknowledgment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. There will be numerous celebrations of his life and the impact he made on society. Dr. King inspired many people to work toward eradicating discrimination, racial injustice, and other forms of oppression. Though images from the civil rights era in the 60s usually captured adults involved in some form of protest or resistance, young people played a vital role in the struggle to dismantle hatred and bigotry.
In 1963, a grassroots movement engineered by students of all ages served as the turning point in an ongoing battle for civil rights in Birmingham, Alabama. You can learn more about this movement in the video, Mighty Times: A Children’s March. The power of a collective voice must be heard during a time when acts of violence silenced the disenfranchised. Through word of mouth, clandestine radio broadcasts, church sermons, and more, the planning and execution of a march led by students was successful in integrating businesses in Birmingham. In addition, the students involved knew very well the risks when they made the decision to demonstrate peacefully.
As I reflect on my career working in schools, I have always believed that students have the ability to generate change. Bush students have been instrumental in making change throughout the school’s history. As a result of experiences at school, coupled with students’ personal journeys, Bush graduates emerge as leaders in conversations focused on bringing justice to various societal concerns.
I am encouraged by the array of causes that our students are involved in supporting. I often see and hear our students engaged in actions aimed at eliminating racism, sexism, homophobia, bias, environmental destruction, hunger, prison transformation, education, and more. These conversations often happen within student-led clubs or local organizations.
As we enter into the start of a new year, please take time to think about 2018 and the important journey ahead. I remain hopeful and optimistic that the future of society will be nurtured and cultivated by today’s young people. Providing opportunities, education, and encouragement toward their continued growth will propel the movement further.
On Monday, take time to watch the video, Mighty Times: A Children’s March, and think about the power of young people in the work to create a society where all members are seen, valued, and heard.

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