Welcome Back.

Dear Bush community,

The presence of students around campus—visiting with faculty, training with their athletic teams, nervously poking their heads into classrooms—is all the indication we need that summer is officially over. Selfishly, I have been awaiting this day for weeks. We truly miss you when you’re not here; summer is lonely without the energy, movement, and laughter of your children on campus.

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Summer Reading

I have selected the books for for the 2017-2018 Head of School Book Club series, listed below. 

Fall Book Club
Wednesday, December 6, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The Path to Purpose by William Damon
Drawing on the revelatory results of a landmark study, William Damon brilliantly investigates the most pressing issue in the lives of youth today: why so many young people are “failing to launch”—living at home longer, lacking career motivation, struggling to make a timely transition into adulthood, and not yet finding a life pursuit that inspires them.

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