Welcome Back to School 2018

Dear Bush Community,
The first day of school reminds me of the first day of spring training. The rookies—understandably nervous about finding a place on the team—roaming the locker room, trying to blend in with veteran players, coaches, and managers. Their tough exteriors masking their fears and insecurities. Sporting freshly pressed uniforms, polished shoes, straightened bills, and bleached socks, they take the field looking for new friends and mentors. For veterans, spring training can mean a fresh start—the chance to prove oneself again after a debilitating injury or a subpar season—or a time to set new goals, to recast expectations. It is a time of bright beginnings, measured optimism, and infinite possibilities.
As teachers, we love to welcome the students to school and connect them with friends who share common interests, passions, and talents. This beautiful alchemy makes the first weeks of school so vibrant and exciting. As I walk around campus during the early weeks of September, I like to observe and document students’ questions, observations, and comments.  They are a mix of exuberance, reticence, and innocence. They are sweet, funny, curious, and remind us why we cherish our jobs. Over the past years, this is what I have overheard:
  • “Where’s the bathroom, and what happens if I don’t make it in time?” —Lower School Student
  • “I know like half of the state capitals already.”
  •  -“Well, I don’t know half, but I know most.”
  • “I feel like I’m totally lost.” —Sixth Grade student
  • “This is totally our year!!” – Eighth Grade student
  • “Can I sit here next to you?” – Kindergarten student
  • “Oh, thank goodness, school started” – Seventh and Tenth Grade parent
As my fifth “opening day” at The Bush School approaches, I am excited to welcome your children—new and returning—during Convocation on Wednesday, to see their faces, to hear about their summers, to discover what they’re excited to learn, and to meet their enthusiasm with my own hopes for them.
And just like in baseball, the start of the year brings with it boundless hope. I have no doubt that this year at The Bush School will be the most beautiful ever. Dare I say, a homerun.
Welcome. It’s a great year to be a Blazer.
Percy L. Abram, Ph.D.
Head of School